Tina Maze


Born on 2.5.1983 in Slovenj Gradec. She learned how to ski with three years on the surrounding hills and slopes of her home town Črna na Koroškem.

In primary school, in addition to skiing, she also trained volleyball and studied piano. After primary school she attended gymnasia high school in Ravne na Koroškem and was simultaneously accepted in women B ski team. That was the first time she raced in FIS races. In just two days she achieved 2. nd and 1. st place. From position numbers 121 and 125.

A lot of nice memories are bounding her to those times, but also some hard ones. That was the time (year 2000) when she started to race in the World Cup. She was showing great potential, especially in giant slalom, but she never came on the level of her childhood sport friend Janica Kostelič.

Many team changes almost convinced her to finish her skiing career. But there came out brilliant idea. In year 2008, she and Andrea Massi (coach) established private team, called Team to aMAZE. They took different road.

Decision turned out to be right and brought great success. Since then she never turned back home without a medal on World championships or Olympic games.

She is especially proud that this small team managed to achieve maximal results with minimum funds. Finding the right balance of trust with Andrea, brought to incredible progress in sports. Working with him helped a lot. She learned that is big difference between being second or being a winner.

Tina won 26 World Cup races in her career, which makes her the best alpine skier in history of Slovenia. Together she won 13 medals on World Championships and Olympic games. She is ‘world record’ holder – 2414 points in one World cup season (male and female). In this breaking season she also recorded a song – My way is my decision.

In her time off from competition she concluded University of Education, tried herself as an expert on TV, worked with many high professional companies and people in sport. Her life story has recently also became a fairytale story with the title: “Tina and bear power”.